Faces 2. Ronnie Wood for Mr Wood.

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Faces. Round 2.

Ronnie Wood for Mr Wood. Again! After selling out in a couple of days with our first collaboration, Ronnie is back. With a reverse of the original shirt design. If it ain’t broke…

Ronnie Wood has been a long time supporter and wearer of our shirts. It helps that they come with his name tape already sewn in.

And for a second time, he has provided his artwork for our latest print.

Taken from the monochrome paintings that the critically acclaimed artist, song writer, and Rolling Stones, Faces and The Jeff Beck Group guitarist produced during lockdown depicting himself and Faces bandmates Rod Stewart and Kenney Jones.

Made from 100% Viscose, with coconut husk buttons and passport sized breast pocket.

The short sleeve has a cuban collar, and the long sleeve a button-down collar.

Limited edition of 150 per sleeve length. The pattern placement is random. No two shirts are the same.

Dry Clean only